Debt insecurities impact your employee `s physical and mental health. This in turn impacts their work performance and your company `s bottom line 

Effects to your company include:

Reduced staff production

Increased time spent away from work

Increased staff turnover

Lowered staff morale

Why introduce your employees to Debt Review?

We handle your staff `s debt affairs leaving them freed up from expending their energy on negative debt issues. This leaves your staff happier in the workplace and in a healthy state of mind to focus their energy on their work productivity, resulting in a healthier financial state for your company.


Is your company suffering from the effects of bad debt write-offs and increasingly risky debtors?

We can reduce your company `s bad debt and positively increase your monthly company cash flow.

Many consumers are overwhelmed by too much debt and choose to ignore collection practices by creditors, resulting in bad debt.

Under Debt review those consumers who previously renaged on their payments can now be administered through a debt counsellor and central payment distribution agency. New agreements are concluded with creditors and all creditors are paid via the NPDA on a pro-rata basis each month.  Creditors receive regular, structured monthly payments from debtors that may otherwise have resulted in bad debt write-offs.

This impacts positively on your company cash flow, rehabilitates previously delinquent debtors, reduces risky debt and improves future sales. 



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