PBH Consulting is the industry leader for debt advisory services in the Western Cape with a proven reputation for exceptional service delivery, integrity and honesty to bring about a full turnkey solution for over-indebted consumers. The management team has a wealth of business experience gained locally and abroad.

The primary objective of the company is to free the debt-stressed consumer from the ills of spiralling debt, working towards a debt-free existence. This is achieved through effective debt counselling and restructuring programs, prudent financial management and commitment to a working budget. Should consumers` monthly living expenses (including debt commitments) exceed their net income (take-home pay) consumers are classified over-indebted and require urgent intervention.

The National Credit Act was promulgated in 2007; section 86 of the Act facilitates a process engineered to assist debt-stressed consumers under debt review. The Act provides consumers a window of protection from legal action taken by creditors whilst an order of court to restructure the accounts is applied for by the firm. In this period creditors should not harass consumers, may not take legal action on overdue accounts, may not sequestrate estates nor repossess assets.

PBH Consulting restructures all consumer accounts that qualify for debt review (including home loans, vehicles, loans, cards etc) and negotiates new payment proposals with creditors which are affordable to the consumer. PBH Consulting may apply for a reduction in interest rates on specific accounts, facilitating large savings for the consumer in the medium and long term. The reduced monthly instalment may be deducted from the consumer bank account via debit order (consumers may alternatively make manual payments) and paid over to creditors by a registered National Payment Distribution Agency. Consumers no longer pay creditors themselves, instead they make one monthly consolidated payment to NPDA, saving them time and money.

South African consumers experiencing difficulty in meeting their debt obligations due to economic constraints may apply for debt review.

PBH Consulting works independently and full discretion is assured. Call today for an obligation-free consultation


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